iTero 3D Scanning

At Prime Dental, we're committed to offering the very best dental care to our patients. One way we do this is by investing in today's top dental technologies, like the iTero® 3D Scanner. This ultra-advanced tool uses an innovative 3D computer-imaging technology to digitally scan teeth and even produce simulated outcomes, providing a virtual "before & after," even before your treatment starts.

iTero 3D Scanning for a Restored Smile

Dr. Kym uses our iTero scanner to complement most restorative services including dental crowns, implants, and even dentures. Have a toothache or large cavity? The scanner's 3D imaging offers powerful visuals that make the diagnosis process lightning-fast, empowering Dr. Kym to make preventive choices that could help save damaged or decayed teeth. If you're missing one tooth, or even all of your teeth, she will use the scanner to determine which tooth replacement solution would be healthiest for your unique smile.

How does iTero 3D Scanning Work?

Powered by state-of-the-art optical technologies, the iTero digital scanner allows our dental team to take quick, comfortable digital images of the teeth and surrounding tissues, allowing a non-invasive assessment of your restorative, cosmetic, or tooth repair needs.

Is iTero 3D Scanning Right for You?

Patients love that the iTero technology can be used to preview the results of their treatment plan, allowing each patient to take an active role in designing their new smile. Receiving a virtual preview allows you to make adjustments before your dental treatment begins, guaranteeing all goals are met!

The images will be available to our dentist right away, meaning your advanced treatments will be delivered faster at our Tucson dental office!

The best part? iTero lets you be part of the entire process! With a three-dimensional, full-color display, you can see the treatment planning process unfold right on the screen in front of you.

With iTero, you can expect even more efficient and comfortable appointments. Call today to learn how our technologies lead to healthier smiles.

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