Laser Dentistry in Tucson, AZ

At Prime Dental, our team is proud to offer top technologies to provide effective, comfortable care for every patient. Our signature laser dentistry services allow us to treat gum disease, inflammation, cold sores, canker sores, discolored teeth, and more, all with virtually no patient discomfort.

a gloved hand holding a dental laserLaser dentistry has been trusted for decades, and uses extremely focused light energy to deliver ultra-precise treatment.

With laser dentistry, you can expect to experience benefits like:

  • Reduced Bleeding
  • Maximized Comfort
  • Faster Appointments
  • Multiple-Phase Treatment in One Sitting
  • Minimized Need For Specialty Referrals

Dental lasers are specifically engineered to work faster and more efficiently through their advanced computer technology. Dr. Kym loves that she can more effectively control the treatment process and provide more precise, comfortable experiences for our patients!

Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease Treatment

Our dentist can address the early onset of gum disease (gingivitis) with gentle laser therapy. With laser bacterial removal, our team can help remove the bacteria and tartar buildup that can cause inflammation of the gums and the progression of gum disease.

Left untreated, gum inflammation can progress to more serious periodontal disease (periodontitis) and even cause bone loss. With non-invasive, effective laser dentistry, our team can banish bacteria, remove infected gum tissue, and stimulate healthy tissue growth in the teeth.

Laser Teeth Whitening

At Prime Dental, whitening your teeth using an in-office dental laser is safe, effective, and convenient. Laser teeth whitening is the fastest in-office teeth whitening known. With laser technology, the gel-to-teeth contact is less than 30 minutes, resulting in none to minimal teeth sensitivity. In fact, laser teeth whitening is the fastest in-office whitening. Most patients find their smile is lightened by 4-8 shades with laser teeth whitening!

Laser Dentistry for Cold Sores

When you need fast, gentle relief for cold sores or canker sores, you can visit our Tucson dental office to have them gently treated with laser dentistry. We take pride in our fast, effective laser treatments that can quickly relieve your discomfort.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry Treatments in Tucson

Thanks to advanced laser technologies, your dental treatments can be more comfortable and more effective. Call us today to learn more about how laser dentistry can benefit the look and feel of your smile!

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