Dentist Talking About Waterpik

Let’s talk about Waterpik. If you see your dentist and hygienist regularly, I am sure you have heard of Waterpik before.

It’s a device that shoots a stream of water and helps removing bacterial plaque around and in between teeth.

If you are like me, you may be skeptical about it first. I was. It took me a year to give it a try.

This video is what got me interested and give it a try.

Let’s try to replicate it and see if it really works.

Two cobs of corn. Put cinnamon powder. Brush one with toothbrush. Brush another with Waterpik. You can see there was still cinnamon powder stuck between kernels when used a manual toothbrush. There was pretty much no powder left on the cob when used a Waterpik.

How can Waterpik help?

According to their studies, Waterpik can remove more than 90% of plaque biofilm, which is collection of bacteria stuck to teeth.

This will help with inflamed and bleeding gum (gingivitis).

This will help cleaning places that’s hard to reach with a floss like cleaning under dental bridge, implant, and more. It also can help those of you who have problems with manual dexterity and have difficult time flossing.

The water stream is so effective. It can clean gum pockets as deep as 9 mm.

Can Waterpik damage tissue?

No, even though that water stream is effective and can clean deep pockets, it is not damaging to the gum.

Where to get it?

Department stores like Costco, Walmart and more.

Many options, which one?

There are several models of Waterpik. I recommend the Aquaris or the Whitening model to start with. There are also traveling model and portable model as well.

There are many different tips of Waterpik. I recommend starting with the classic tip.

Talk to our hygienist and dentist about what tip and model would be the most beneficial for your need.

Talk to your dentist and hygienist about Waterpik. We are here to help.

Sarah Kym, DDS

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