Dentist Talking Her Own Dental Regimen at Home

You may wonder. What is a dentist’s oral hygiene routine?

Let me share my oral hygiene regimen at night.

  • Waterpik to remove more than 90% of bacterial plaque around and in between teeth.

Fill of reservoir with water. In aquarius model, that is equivalent to 60 seconds of use. Fill it with water only ( it can be warm). Do not put listerine or other chemical because it can clog the line.

You want to have it set 8-10. Place your tip 90 degrees to your teeth and gumline.

  • Brush with electronic toothbrush and Fluoride toothpaste.

Place the toothbrush bristle 45 degrees. Remember Fluoride is a friend to your teeth. I called it, “Tooth Vitamin.”

  • Floss.I still do it to make sure! I still recommend you to floss even when you use Waterpik.

Talk to your dentist or hygienist about your dental regimen.

We are here for you.

Sarah Kym, DDS

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