How to Use Take-home Teeth Whitening

How to Use Take-home Teeth Whitening

At Craycroft Prime Dental, we use Opalescence PF system.
From my experience so far, Opalescence has been easy to use and not sensitive when used properly. I used Opalescence for the first time for my wedding and you can see the result in my photos!

Steps to get started:

  1. Get your custom trays made at Craycroft Prime Dental.
    • Very simple impression is all it takes! The turn around time is usually less
      than a week.
  2. Pick up your custom trays and whitening kit.
    • Your custom trays come with eight syringes of whitening gel, which can last a long time depending on how often you use it.
    • The beauty of our whitening system is that you only need to replace whitening gels once you are finished with the first 8 syringes. The custom trays are for you to keep as long as you want and can be used for a long time.
  3. Here is how to load the whitening gel
    • Load the whitening gel half way up from the biting surface towards the
      front. Easy way to remember is put the whitening gel where you want your
      teeth to whiten (front)
    • If you want to be conservative with the gel, put gel individually on teeth
      that show when you smile. Also, crowns do not change color with
      whitening so no need to put gel there.
  4. After loading the gel, make sure no excess gel is on your gum.
    • You can use toothbrush to remove the excess gel or even your finger
    • It is important you do not leave gel on your gum because it can cause gum

If you have any questions, contact Craycroft Prime Dental. We are here for you.

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