Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body - Oral Bacteria

When you are in a dental office, you may have heard the term dental plaque. Plaque is a collection of bacteria. When teeth are not properly brushed, it can appear white and yellowish film around teeth. If they stay longers, dental plaque can harden and turn darker and darker.

Did you know one cubic millimeter of dental plaque contains about 100 million bacteria?

To give you a better visual, 1 penny is 19 mm. Doesn’t take much to have millions and billions of bacteria in the mouth.

700 types of bacteria can live in your mouth and several of them are linked to oral and systemic diseases. So think once more about brushing your teeth before going to bed!

Did you know oral bacteria can be transmitted by kissing?

Make sure you ask your date when was the last time he or she has seen a dentist!

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